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Event Ride Rules

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages before or during a chapter ride.
  • It is very important that you remain alert when riding in a group, as a mistake on your part can cause problems for several of your fellow riders.
  • We will always ride in the staggered formation. The first rider should be on the left. The only time we do not ride staggered (single file) is through construction zones or where there are barricades either left or right of your lane or as the Ride Captain dictates.
  • Always maintain proper spacing between motorcycles, do not lag too far behind as this will string out the formation and cause traffic problems. Ride two seconds behind the rider directly in front of you and one second behind the rider to you right or left in the adjoining column. If the person in front of you drops out, move up to fill the space.
  • Speed limits will be dictated by road and weather conditions, and the Road Captain but never to exceed the legal posted limit.
  • When we ride on the interstate, we will normally ride in the right lane and pass slow moving traffic only when it is safe for the whole formation to pass.
  • When passing slow moving traffic, let the rider to the right and behind you clear the slower vehicle before you return to the right hand lane.
  • Do not move into the left-hand traffic lane until the group leader moves into that lane.
  • If the group leader stays in the left lane after passing a slower vehicle, do not return to the right hand lane until the leader moves over, as it may be his intention to pass other slower moving vehicles.
  • When we are riding on the Interstate in rural areas, we will encounter traffic entering or leaving the highway from the on and off ramps. When you observe this situation, please adjust your speed to allow the vehicle to pass through our formation. The group leader will adjust the speed to allow the rest of the formation to catch up. Please do not move to the left lane, as then we have riders in both lanes of traffic, which can become dangerous.
  • When we ride on the interstate in urban areas, we will ride in the center lane on three-lane interstates and left lane on two-lane interstates until we are out of the congested area.
  • If you have to stop for any reason, signal the rider behind you and pull to the right of the road. If you need help, show thumbs down and we will offer assistance. If you are okay and will be able to catch up with the group show thumbs up.

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